Vendor Compliance and Code of Conduct

Vendor Compliance and Code of Conduct

Canada Sportswear seeks to conduct its business in a very responsible manner. The following summary is designed to provide you with a better understanding of what it means to meet our Vendor Compliance and Code of Conduct. It represents the rigor in which we evaluate factories to ensure they are consistent with our company’s values and policies.

This Code of Vendor Conduct applies to all factories that produce goods for Canada Sportswear Corp. or any of its subsidiaries, divisions, affiliates, or agents.

While Canada Sportswear recognizes that there are different legal and cultural environments in which factories operate throughout the world, this Code of Conduct sets conditions that all factories must meet in order to do business with Canada Sportswear. The Code also provides the foundation for Canada Sportswear’s ongoing evaluation of the factory’s employment practices and environmental compliance. If Canada Sportswear determines that any factory has violated this Code, Canada Sportswear may either terminate its business relationship or require the factory to implement a corrective action plan. If corrective action is advised but not taken, Canada Sportswear will suspend placement of future orders and may terminate current production.

As a general principle, factories that produce goods for Canada Sportswear shall operate ethically and in full compliance of their respective countries with all applicable laws, rules and regulations related to labor, worker health and safety, and the environment. It also ensures that workers are treated fairly with no discrimination on any level. Child Labor is prohibited, and age requirements must comply with local government laws. Forced Labour is prohibited. Wages & Hours local laws must be observed and applied ensuring fair worker compensation. Working conditions must be humane and productive. Factories must treat all workers with respect and dignity providing them with a safe, healthy environment and the freedom of association.